What is “Melpy”?

"Melpy" is a translation Q&A app where you can ask questions in any language to local people from your travel destinations.

Your questions will be automatically translated and viewed by local users. And when local users reply to your questions in their languages, the replies will be auto translated to you.

If your reply to a traveler's question is greatly satisfied, you might get selected as "Best Answer" by that user. Collect "Best Answers", and you will be qualified to win prizes of free air-tickets or hotel nights!

Join "Melpy" that links travelers and locals together, and create great travel experiences!

In what countries is "Melpy" available?

Currently available in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan only.
Looking to expend to other countries!

Which Apple devices are supported?

“Melpy” requires iOS 8.0 or later. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are supported.
“Melpy” is optimized to iPhone5, iPhone 5s, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPhone6s, and iPhone6s Plus.

The Android version will be released in the near future.

Does “Melpy” have a PC website?

We are sorry that Melpy’s PC website is not ready yet. We developed “Melpy” primarily for smartphone users so you can use “Melpy" anytime and anywhere.

Can I change the settings of Melpy push notification?

Go to “iPhone Setting” > “Notification Center” > “Melpy” and you can change your notification settings here.

How can I edit my profile?

Tap the top right button on your profile page.
You can edit your profile picture, user name, languages you speak, and country/region you live in.

Who can read my question?

When you post a new question, your question will be automatically translated and will reach to every user in "Melpy".

Who can reply to my question?

Only you and local users from your travel destination can reply to your question. Their replies will be automatically translated to you.

How can I delete my post?

Tap the “…” button on your post, and select “Delete this question/answer”.
You can't delete your posts to a question that has "Best Answer" selected.

What should I do when I see inappropriate/uncomfortable posts?

Tap the “…” button on the post, and select “Report this post”.

Promotion events
What are the promotion events?

We offer chances to win free air-tickets or free hotel nights to users who get selected as "Best Answer"!
Examples of prizes: Roundtrip tickets between Tokyo & Seoul or Tokyo & Taipei, free hotel stays…etc.

Who can join the promotion events?

Anyone who was chosen as "Best Answer" can participate in the event. The more "Best Answer" you get, the higher your chances to win!

How can I delete my account?

Your account will be permanently deleted with no option for recovery. Your past posts in Melpy will not be deleted. Are you sure you want to resign from Melpy?